The Leaders of Learning Podcast has reached 100,000+ downloads!

I’m  grateful for the love and support shown to me on this podcast journey. A very big thank you to my podcast guests, the Singapore podcast community and to the listeners from 27 countries. Thank you all so so much!!! 😘💖🎉

I’m always looking for ways to continuously improve the show. Please drop me a line on how I can make the show better for you.

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Here’s to more episodes to come for Season 2 of the Leaders of Learning podcast!

How can you be involved? 

If you are interested to create a culture of learning in your organisation or to prepare your teams to thrive in a technologically-dependant and globalised society, drop us a line on our contact page.

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We truly value feedback. Do let us know how we can better support you in achieving your cultural and organisational goal.

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