The beauty of being a podcast host is that you get to meet other great podcasters and share our love for podcasts.

I had the wonderful opportunity to guest star on Danny Chrisnanto Koordi podcast show called the Economical Rice. Danny is an Indonesian-born, Singapore-based, economics podcaster, who looks into Singapore’s nuanced economic perspective.

While I didn’t speak about economics, I was invited to share two of my favourite podcast shows and episodes on a side series called Podcast Spotlight. Podcast Spotlight is where Danny speaks to other podcasters and talk about their favourite podcast shows.

Surprised with my selection – The Infinite Monkey Cage and Duolingo Podcast – we touched on various topics such as the power of the human voice, British banter, the interesting mix of science and comedy. On top of that, we also discussed about the Latin American culture as well as the universality of aging, love and mental illness.

 I love sharing about culture from various perspectives and learning the best from each other. Hence, when I talk about culture, such as the British humour and Latin American families, from a Southeast Asian perspective truly excites me.

Certainly, take the time to listen to this episode titled PS#6 Ling Ling talks about The Human Voice and Duolingo and share with me your thoughts about podcasting!