Learning Circles

Prashant Jain

Chief Architect of Learning Circles

CEO of Wiztango

Across many cultures, learning within groups has been the way to help individuals and communities learn and develop. Today, technology has proliferated in all levels of society. Unlike our ancestors, most of us carry a computer in our pockets.
How can we take advantage of technology to bring group learning to a new level?
Prashant Jain or PJ, founder of a digital facilitation company called wiztango, has started the Learning Circles movement in early 2017 and it has increasingly gained momentum in Singapore ever since. Hear the history, motivation, passion and the success stories of learning circles from the pioneer himself.

Where does Learning Circles originate from?

It originates from Sweden called study circles.

What is a Learning Circle?

Here are some features of the Learning Circles

  • uses flipped classroom model
  • facilitated digitally
  • It is  participatory experience
  • happens onsite and online
  • O2O: Offline to Online model
  • learners able to learn at their own pace

The Learning Circles Process

At least a 2 hour onsite session, where the learning circles owner or originator goes through the onboarding process for the learners to get comfortable with the environment. This is followed by minimum 2 days of online engagement, where the facilitator will actively engage learners online in an asynchronous manner. Data is created and curated by the learners themselves. Learning Circles topics can vary greatly, from traditional chinese medicine to mindfulness to passion.

What is Wiztango?

Wiztango is a digital platform where users collectively create content and share opinions. This platform helps content originators to scale their reach.

What is the Adult Educator Entrepreneur?

AEE is 10 day digital coaching program to help adult educators launch their own learning circles.

How to learn more or start your own Learning Circles?

You can search for:

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