Learning with Videos

Saphira Idayu

Director of Electus Films

Videos are everywhere. They are used marketing, entertainment and even instruction. Friends and family forward all sorts of videos over social media and chat apps. Experts and instructors use videos as the go-to medium in spreading their message.

But are instructional videos as effective as it seems? What does it take to create a professional and engaging instructional video?

Joining us is Saphira, director of Electus Films, based in Singapore. She has directed and produced a wide variety of films, include instructional videos.

Podcast Highlights

Here are some highlights from the podcast:
  • Learners are able to pace their learning by controlling the video, whether to pause, rewind, rewatch.
  • Videos are engaging not only because of its content, but also because humans are attracted to and easily distracted by visuals.
  • Today, videos can be made more creatively with graphics and animation. With creative graphics and animation, the message or content delivered can be remembered better.
  • Demonstrative topics such as editing photos, or cooking or folding origami allow learners to follow along the video.
  • Self-improvement topics rely on the energy of the speaker to engage learners to watch the video.
  • While videos may be great for knowledge sharing and retention, the application of knowledge depends on the learners.
  • Learning soft skills through video may not be as effective because gaining a soft skill requires experience and is depend on many other factors that may not be demonstrated or addressed in the video.
  • Simple video learning, such as a person speaking, can be recorded with accessible digital camera via our mobile phones. Professional video cameras have additional functions and features that allow video to be captured in greater detail.
  • Saphira shares her method on how to set up the scene for recording an instructional video, though her most important tip is ensure the audio is recorded well.
  • The future of video learning looks like it will stay. More learning will take place online and the teachers role will need to evolve along with the trend. However, its the learners who will dictate their preference to the format of learning, as some may still prefer face-to-face and others maybe more comfortable to learn at their own pace online.
  • The future of video technology seems to trend towards smaller devices which is more convenient and can save cost in the video production. Technology will constantly improve, either follow the trend of fall behind.


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