Building Relationship Capital

Annie Yahaya

Founder of Vital Voices Asia

Co-Founder of Coach Work Asia

When we talk about our assets, quite often, we think about the things we own, like our house or car, or the money we have in our bank accounts and in our wallets.

Very rarely we think about our intangibles. One of which are the relationships we’ve built over our entire lives. when wisely cultivated, our relationships can be our greatest asset in building our careers and enriching our lives.

We’ve invited Anne Yahaya, founder of vitalvoicesasia and co founder of coachworkasia, to share her stories of how her rich relationship capital helped her in work and life. She will also share tips on how to build your own relationship capital.

Show Highlights

  • A Strategic Connector is someone who understand the needs of various parties and connect them to the right people to fulfil their needs.
  • Relationship is the connection between two or more people.
  • The difference between a regular and good relationship is in the depth of the connection. Building relationship capital depends on the intention, time, effort and energy one puts into that relationship.
  • There is a tendency to follow and gravitate towards people like us.  
  • Know what you want and know your intention when establishing a relationship. Go into a relationship with set intentions, such as how can i help this person, there is now a greater reason to further develop the relationship.
  • Everyone who crosses your path has something to teach. Look for something you like, or admire about the person. Once you find something that you like about the other, tell it to them in an appreciative manner and it helps to create the connection.
  • No man is an island. Relationships are important in business and in career advancement. Establishing and building relationships is a basic psychological human need.
  • A successful relationship involves a meaningful connection between two people or more that fulfils the needs of both or all sides.
  • Broken relationships happens when there is lack of authenticity.When one of the parties feel unsatisfied, there is a high chance the relationship will not work.
  • To know whether its a good relationship to remain in, ask yourself “why?” Is the “why” big enough to remain in the relationship? If not, we maybe stuck in our comfort zone and the world is a huge place with many opportunities. Ask yourself “What am I losing?”
  • To withdraw from your relationship capital, just ask for help. People are generally willing to help. If they are not willing to help, you know further effort is required in that relationship.

Three keys to building a successful relationship

  1. Being Authentic
  2. Trust
  3. Respectful
Introverts may find it difficult to build relationships. What may help introverts is to ask themselves these questions and give them the courage to step up.
  • Why is building this relationship important?
  • What is the consequence of not being party to this?
  • What do I need to do to step up?
  • What do I have to learn?

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