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Sheena Yap Chan 

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Self-confidence is hard to describe. It’s a feeling, it’s a believe. Self-confidence is what one needs move forward towards their goals, or manifest their dreams. For some, self-confidence seems natural. For others, it seems like a life-long struggle. I can’t help but wonder,

Is self-confidence inherited as part of our DNA? Or can each of us develop it and grow it like a muscle? For those who wish to gain self-confidence, how can we do so?


About Sheena Yap Chan

  • Podcast host, and created the show, The Tao of Self-Confidence
  • She interviews women of Asian background about their inner journey to self-confidence.
  • She has interviewed over 500 women about their struggles with self-confidence and how they have overcome that hurdle.  


    Podcast Episode Highlights

     What is your definition of self confidence?

    • Self-confidence is having that believe in yourself and your capabilities.
    • Believing and taking action on it.

    Have you figured out a way to gain self-confidence yourself?

    • There’s more than one way to gain or boost your self-confidence.
    • Despite being taught to do things one way, there really is more than one way to do things.
    • Surrounding yourself with confident women is one of may ways you can gain that self-confidence.
    • After interviewing so many women, I think having a purpose that is bigger than you, gives you that push to go out there and do things.

    What is your purpose? What has helped you gain your self-confidence?

    • My purpose is to help women with their self-confidence, especially Asian women.
    • We (Asian women) need a stronger representation.
    • It is important to shift the Asian women stereotype.

    Where do you think we get our self-confidence from?

    • Every individual is different.
    • It depends on the environment. For example, having parents who are supportive.
    • We are born with it. As we grow up, we go through a lot. For example, people telling us no, or that we are not capable of doing something.
    • Deep down, we all have that confidence. It is just a matter of bringing it out of us via external methods, such as listening to podcasts, or reading books, or exercising and meditation.
    • As we get older and we try to do something new, we are surrounded by people who ask “What If” questions. When we are asked these questions, we tend to second guess ourselves. They probably mean well, but we have to realise that we are stronger than we think.
    • We are capable and we have what it takes to go out there and make things happen.

    Based on your interview, what was the most surprising answer you have come across?

    • A pilot who flew plans with her feet. Not having arms did not discourage her from moving forward. It did take longer for her, but she persevered.
    • Another woman I interviewed, wanted to be a Christmas song artist all her life. Despite most people’s believe that this won’t make money, she made it happen. She eventually got signed by different recording companies.
    • Knowing that you can turn your passion into a career, makes us believe anything is possible.
    • Most women don’t have things all figured out from the beginning. They just have this idea and figure things out along the way. 

    Are there any topics that you’d like to discuss or women you’d like to interview in the future?

    • There are many women I’d like to interview. Especially with movies like Crazy Rich Asians, a romantic comedy in Hollywood. I would like to talk about the representation in of Asians in Hollywood, and how it has helped other Asians to go out there and realise that they can do it.

    What should one consider when embarking on the journey of self confidence?

    • The journey won’t be easy at times. It is a fluctuating journey.
    • There are days where your would be a 110% confident, and there days where you will be at -10%. But that’s okay, as that’s life.
    • Self-confidence is a life-long journey. The learning never stops.
    • There will always be new knowledge, new experiences and new challenges. They all make us stronger.
    • There is this notion that to be confident, you have to be boisterous. This is not the case. You can be an introvert and still be a confident person.


    • Reading self-help books or podcasts like this helps to gain self-confidence and is a great start. You don’t have to start big. Taking small steps along the way, like saying something nice about yourself.
    • As women, and especially Asian women, we tend to bring ourselves down, or criticize ourselves. We have to learn to be kind to ourselves. If you can’t be kind to yourself or love yourself, how do you expect others to do that?
    • Any kind of exercise is great, meditation helps quiet your mind and have that silence.  It could be your form of meditation, be it yoga, or walking outside, or being quiet for 5 minutes.
    • Every person is different. What works for someone else, may not for you. The beauty of it, is you can pick what you want to do to boost your own confidence.
    • Believe that you do have that confidence to go out there and do it. Believe is really important. Without it, we wouldn’t go out there and do things.
    • Take the action, and don’t overthink it. When you overthink everything, you will end up not doing it. Learn to let go of the outcomes.

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