The voices of women are beginning to heard all the world over. The #metoo, #leanin #connectedwomen and many others created public awareness on issues gender inequality. Women’s advancement in career and leadership position are limited by unconscious bias, life choices and many other factors.

A drastic change in mindset is required to build a fair and diverse representation at all levels of society. Much work needs to be done to ensure women and other under-represented groups are seen, heard and treated equally.

Not long ago, I’ve been invited to guest star on a Singaporean entertainment panel podcast show, called the Longkang Kitties, to contribute to the┬ádiscussion on the need and benefits of female leaders.

Upon receiving the invitation, I find myself wondering… why do people still question female leadership?

Have a listen to the episode and let me know your thoughts on how I could have better responded to the pointed questioning of female leadership.

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