Cultural differences can be a mystery and can cause tremendous frustrations to everyone. When understood and approached constructively, cultural differences becomes a source of meaningful and enriching interactions, learning and growth. 

Cultural Consulting

Trying to decide upon the right solution for your needs can be a difficult task. We craft meaningful solutions and strategies that are unique to each organisation.

With Cultural Consulting, we partner closely with organisations and community to correctly identify cultural challenges, propose solutions, and follow-up to check on their progress.

We collaborate closely with your teams in finding the best solution to achieve your desired results.

Cultural Strategy

We craft meaningful solutions that are unique to your organisational needs. Whether you’re starting from scratch or have a cultural framework in place, we come up with fresh ideas to revitalise your organisation.


Assessment & Measurement

We help to assess and analyse your organisational culture using customised surveys, focus groups and interviews. Knowing your current position helps to identify gaps and the strategy to move towards your vision.

Design & Results

We show you the impact of your cultural initiatives on your employees and organisation. Be it ROI or basic training metrics, we will measure what matters to you.

We don’t see things as they are.

We see them as we are.


  • Cultural Strategy – 75%
  • Employee Analysis – 85%
  • Organisational Design – 90%
  • Business Impact! – 100%

With culture Change…

We help to:

  • define your organisational goals
  • facilitate critical conversations
  • run and analyse cultural assessments
  • interpret your organisational culture
  • conduct focus groups
  • deliver facilitations sessions and workshops
  • provide change management support
  • propose solutions based on assessment results and organisational goals
  • conduct follow-up sessions to monitor progress

Recommended for…

  • Leaders of culturally diverse teams or organisation
  • Organisations looking to optimise and leverage their culture
  • Startups looking to define their culture and values

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